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£ 120.00

T3 S Telescopic Lance is a 3.25 m adjustable lance for liquid spraying.


T3 S Telescopic Lance -is a 3.25 m adjustable lance for liquid spraying. Fitted with a universal connector, compatible with popular sprayers including Gloria, B&G, Birchmeier, and IK sprayers. This lance comes with a push fit adjustable cone nozzle & flat fan nozzle.

Product Description:

  • • Light weight allowing precision spraying in attic areas etc. useful for wood treatments.
  • • Lance has an adjustable length of 1 m to 3.25 m
  • • Reduces time taken for treatment.
  • • Improves safety when working in unfloored attic areas.


  • • Woodworm treatment in attic and difficult access areas.
  • • Spraying in restricted spaces or areas behind refrigeration and production equipment often fitted close to walls.
  • • Japanese knot weed spraying in difficult to reach spots..
  • • Horticultural Spraying.


  • • 3 sections, plus flexible nozzle (3.25 m fully extended).
  • • Stores into a compact 1.3 m long PVC Protective Carry Tube.
  • • Overall packaged weight 700g. (Actual lance –320g).
  • • 20 cm flexible tip is easily bent to the required angle.
    A full range of components and pole sections are available.