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AR 8 Pro

£ 299.00

Adjustable telescopic lance made from non-conductive
• The 1L stainless steel tank is effortlessly filled to 3 bar
pressure before each use with a regular stirrup pump
(approx. 9 pump actions = 3 bar). Tank max op 6 – 7 bar.
• Complies with Ficam D label and BPR legislation for
treating wasp nests in roofs and eaves of houses
when the product is applied from outside.


AR 8 Pro –A new telescopic dusting lance with a working height of 8 m. Poweredby a 1 litre stainless steel refillable pressure tank which is easily pumped up before use (approximately 9-10 pump actions required to reach 3 Bar pressure using a common stirrup pump). Supplied with a 35 cm flexible nozzle allowing precision application. Can also be filled using a battery powered vehicle tyre inflator pump.



Product Description:

  • • Long and light allowing precision dusting at height.
  • • Lance is adjustable for working heights between 2 m to 8 m.
  • • Reduces time taken to treat nests.
  • • Reduces the need for access equipment and the risk of injuries due to the elimination of ladder use.
  • • Reduces risk of stings when treating large or difficult nests that have been disturbed.
  • • Never run out of gas again!
  • • Environmentally friendly, no empty gas cylinders to dispose of.
  • • Quick and easy to assemble.
  • • High quality 1 litre refillable stainless steel compression tank easily pressurised.
  • • Allows lance to be operated at optimum 3 bar pressure for precision application.


  • • 7 sections, powder chamber and flexible nozzle = 7.15 m (to tank connector 8 m).
  • • Lance stores in a compact 1.3 m Heavy Duty Carry Case. (lance weight 1.16 kg)
  • • Refillable 1L Stainless Steel compression tank (weight 0.9 kg)
  • • 35 cm flexible nozzle is easily bent to the required angle.
  • • No dust blockages -no powder enters the main tubing system so dust blockages cannot occur here.

A full range of components and pole sections are available.

Additional information

Weight 3.4 kg
Dimensions 14 × 10 × 129 cm