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Application Equipment

Price:£ 391.48

Adjustable telescopic lance made from non-conductive material. The 1L stainless...

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AR 3 PRO Kit
Price:£ 274.95

A shorter telescopic dusting lance with a working height of 3.15 m, designed for...

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Price:£ 321.74

The Lance Lab T8 S Telescopic Lance is a long reach adjustable lance for spraying....

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AR Pro Bulb Duster
Price:£ 37.96

A very useful tool for anyone involved in bed bug treatments.

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Price:£ 303.42

T8 D Telescopic Lance (formerly XL 8 D dusting lance) is a long reach adjustable...

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Price:£ 29.46

The Mini-Flex is a flexible stay put nozzle (54 cm length) for attachment to the...

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Price:£ 303.42£ 321.74

The T8 from Lance Lab, the ultimate extension for spraying and dusting!


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T8S-LCK - T8 S Liquid Conversion Kit WEB
Price:£ 111.29

T8 S Liquid Conversion Kit – for customers who already own a T8 D or XL 8 D Dusting...

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