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AR 8 Pro

AR8-CONV - AR 8 Pro Conversion Kit WEB
Price:£ 260.55

This kit contains all the parts required to convert an XL 8, a T8 or an AR 8 CO² lance...

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Replacement AR Pro Powder Chamber (Inc 1 x cap)
Price:£ 58.92

Replacement powder chamber for the AR 8 Pro and AR 3 Pro Telescopic Lances.

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Price:£ 6.53

Replacement rubber end foot for the AR 8 Pro Telescopic Lance (Bottom end).

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Price:£ 20.94

Replacement flexible nozzle kit (standard tube size) for the AR 8 Pro and AR 3 Pro...

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Price:£ 6.22

Replacement 6mm compression rush fit outlet valve for the AR 8 Pro and AR 3 Pro Telescopic...

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