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Lance Lab Ltd – Specialists in Professional Pest Control Products

Lance Lab Ltd specialises in the design and manufacture of innovative pest control equipment for precision dusting, liquid spraying, foaming, and aerosol spraying. Our product designers have over 25 years’ experience in the pest control industry. Our products are “designed by pest controllers for pest controllers”.

Customer feedback is very important to us as we continually strive to improve products and come up with new solutions. New product development is central to our growth, with investment in research and development playing a core role. We are part of a “Knowledge transfer programme” linking our product development with expertise and resources available at Queen’s University Belfast (a prestigious Russell Group UK University), and the associated Northern Ireland Technology Centre where we conduct government funded product development, testing and certification.

Our first lances were long reach telescopic powder application lances used mainly for treating wasp’s nests in high and difficult to reach areas. Over time the range has grown to include lances in varying lengths for dusting, liquid spraying, and aerosol spraying. In addition to our range of lances we have developed other tools, such as the Flexible Aerosol straws for use with a wide range of aerosols including Bayer’s Racumin foam rodenticide. Another new product is the smaller hand operated AR Pro Bulb duster.

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Always use Ficam D with the Lance Lab XL 8 Telescopic Dusting Lance!


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Latest News

NPMA – Pest World Exhibition – Nashville 2015

20th – 23th October, 2015 The XL 8 Telescopic Lance on show at the NPMA Exhibition in Nashville, Tennessee, USA alongside a full range of Birchmeier spraying and dusting equipment.

CMS Berlin Exhibition 2015

22th – 25th September 2015 The XL 8 Telescopic Lance on show at the CMS Berlin Exhibition in Germany alongside a full range of Birchmeier spraying and dusting equipment.  

TC 7 and TC 1 Now Available!

Following the success of the XL 8 and Mini-Flex, the Lance Lab team is proud to announce the arrival of the TC 7 and TC 1 series for video surveying. Check out our online purchases page for further details!

Mini-Flex wins runner up at Pest!

Pest readers made their views clear once again and voted the Mini-Flex, manufactured by Country Down-based Lance Lab, into the runner up spot in this year’s Pest Best Product award. The results were announced during PestTech and the presentations made.