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Welcome to Lance Lab, the specialist pest control equipment manufacturer. 2016 sees the launch of the new CO2 powered AR 8 telescopic lance (8 m), a long and light powder application lance with a 25 g powder chamber located at the tip. No powder enters the tubing so dust blockages cannot occur.

2016 also sees the launch of the new AerosoL 3, a 3.25 m telescopic extension lance for attachment to popular aerosol canisters for wasp and hornet nest treatments (compatible with Lodi Diagrain and similar aerosols using the common 4 mm male valve). A great tool for treating attic nests or nests in confined spaces.

We continue to produce existing innovative products for the spraying and dusting market, such as the XL 8 Telescopic Lance and Mini-Flex attachment for the Birchmeier DR 5. Lance Lab also manufactures surveying equipment such as the new TC 7 Telescopic Camera Lance and TC 1. To keep up to date with our new products, please follow us on Facebook and Twitter. If you have any questions please contact us using our details shown below.

Always use Ficam D with the Lance Lab XL 8 Telescopic Dusting Lance!


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