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Lance Lab XL 8 S With Liquid Spray Adapter

£ 245.74

The XL 8 S from Lance Lab, the ultimate extension for spraying! Please note the XL 8 S is only available in the UK and Ireland see further details below.


The Lance Lab XL 8 S Telescopic Lance is a long reach adjustable lance for spraying. The lance has a working height of 8 m and attaches to a range of Birchmeier Sprayers. This long reach lance is excellent for spraying operations in high or difficult to reach locations.

Product Description:

  • •  Long and light allowing precision spraying at height.
  • •  Lance has a working height of 1.5 m to 8 m.
  • •  Reduces time taken for treatment of e.g. oak processionary catapillar.
  • •  Reduces the need for access equipment and the risk of injuries due to the elimination of ladder use.


  • •  7 sections, 7.1 m lance + tubing kit.
  • •  Stores into a compact 1.3 m long Heavy Duty Carry Case.
  • •  Overall packaged weight 1.5 kg. (Actual lance – 980g).
  • •  25 cm flexible tip is easily bent to the required angle.
  • •  10 cm high visibility yellow sight tip.

A full range of components and pole sections are available.

Please note the XL 8 S is only available in the UK and Ireland, for US orders please click here, for all other orders outside the UK and Ireland please click here.

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